Our Work

A glimpse into some of our work!

What we do

  • Promote Sustainability & Circular Economy in all sectors (matrix of policies, technological innovation and end-user needs)
  • Create profitable and sustainable solutions including sustainable markets
  • Integrate Circular Economy principles in Systems, services and products
  • Carry out research geared at promoting Sustainability, Circular Economy & Green Fiscal reforms
  • Initiate, conduct and disseminate sustainable innovations across different sectors
  • Promote Sustainability Innovation Lab
  • Promote Life Cycle Analysis(LCA,S-LCA,CF,EIA, SCP, Cleaner Production, Resource efficiency Cost-benefit Analysis, Hotspot Analysis)
  • Promote Eco-design in products, systems, services.
  • Develop tools that promote Sustainability and Circular Economy
  • Designing and Integrating Circular Economy in different business models
  • Sustainable skilling