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Our Vision

The center for promoting and advocating for sustainable solutions to development by reducing negative human impact on environment.

Our Mission

To transform communities by promoting ecological/sustainable approaches through research and civic engagements for social-economic development.

Our Core Values

Honesty, non- partisan, science/evidence based research and people/stakeholder oriented.


To promote and integrate sustainable production and consumption in all sectors.

To build capacity through training and skills development.

To support the transition to circular economy.

To offer policy advice and reforms

About Us

Centre for Sustainability, Innovation and Research (CSIR) is a Non-profit organization that advocates for environmental, social and economic sustainability through by promoting sustainable solutions for sustainable development. The organization is based in Uganda and with core purpose of promoting life cycle thinking tailored sustainability solutions through research and innovation, capacity building, policy advice and advocacy.

CSIR focuses on incorporating sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits in development work/projects and natural resource management across different sectors, such as; agriculture, energy & extractives, service sector among others. We advocate for sustainable solutions within the matrix of policies and technological innovations for the benefit of all communities (end-users) in order to achieve sustainable development.

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