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Our programs cover a wide range of policy areas which include climate change, natural resource management/governance among others. The activities are carried out under different programs as highlighted below and they revolve around education, advocacy, research, innovation, conservation and development.

Environment and natural resource management program

Under this program, CSIR advocates for sustainable utilization of all resources and environmental management with the aim of reducing negative environmental impacts to attain sustainable development. We advocate for sustainable solutions such as clean/renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart agriculture, green supply chains and recycling of waste among others for a sustainable future. Through advocacy, research and innovation our discourse covers carbon reduction strategies, climate change mitigation measures, carbon footprint and other environmental related aspects.

Under this program, CSIR also advocates for sustainable means of natural resource extraction, good governance and management practices of all extractive resources (minerals and oil & gas). CSIR does this by initiating and promoting good policy reforms through research and advocacy.

Research and innovations program

CSIR addresses environmental, social and economic sustainability by promoting research and innovation. This is done through promoting the integration of biomimicry and circular economy principles in systems, services and products with the aim of achieving sustainable development. This involves advocating for ideas and technologies that promote green economy and sustainability related issues.

Sustainability program

With the sustainability innovation lab initiatives, CSIR promotes and supports efforts made by/with different stakeholders like technological innovators in the community, academia, and industrialists who come up with eco-friendly technology or ideas that are geared to saving the environment. All this is aimed at making circular economy and its associated benefits like cleaner production and resource efficiency a reality.

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